JNCIE-DC Exam Objectives and useful links

JNCIE-DC Exam Objectives and useful links

In this post I tried to collect all useful links to technical documentation that I plan to use during my study for JNCIE-DC lab attempt. This materials will be used primarily for repetition and more focused, deep-dive study of lab topics – should be used only after studying Juniper DC base materials from previous post.

So, the complete JNCIE-DC exam blueprint:

  • Management
    On-box Scripts                               –>  Automation Scripting Feature Guide
    – Event scripts
    – Commit scripts
    – Operation scripts
    Junos Space
    – Auto discover                               –> Discovering devices
    – Configuration management
    ZTP                                                   –> Day One: Deploying Zero Touch Provisioning
    – Initial provisioning of QFX switches using a CentOS DHCP server
  • Layer 2 Underlay
    VCF configurations                       –>  VCF Feature Guide
    – Master and backup RE
    – Inactive state VCF member
    – VCP port setup
    Convert interface speed               –>  QFX interfaces Feature Guide
    – 40G to 4x10G
    MC-LAG                                         –>  MC-LAG Feature Guide
    – Interchassis link (ICL) redundancy
    – IRB MAC Sync
    – Layer 3 gateway function
    – ICCP
  • Layer 3 Underlay
    BGP for an IP Clos fabric            –> Clos IP Fabrics WhitepaperJuniper QFX5100 Series
    – Clos IP fabric
    – Loopback interface for routing updates
    – EBGP in an IP fabric
    – Avoid blackholing traffic
    – Routing policies
  • Controllerless Overlay
    EVPN control plane                      –> MX EVPN Feature Guide, EVPN Whitepaper, EVPN Day One book
    – EVPN signaling
    – EVPN routes
    – VNI target communities
    – Prevent suboptimal routing
    – Inter-VRF routing
    – Automatic route-target
    – Load balancing
    – Anycast Gateway
    EVPN/VXLAN                                 –> QFX EVPN Feature Guide, EVPN-VXLAN Solution Guide
    – Virtual tunnel end point function
    – VXLAN learning process
    – MAC address learning
    – Passing traffic between VNIs
  • Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
    – EVPN signaled VXLAN
    – L3VPN implementation
  • Security                                        –> QFX Security Feature Guide
    Control plane protection               –> Day One: Securing the Routing Engine or Juniper MX Series
    – Firewall filters                               –> Firewall Filters Configuration Guide
    – Role-base access control (RBAC)   –> User and Access Management QFX Feature Guide
    SRX Series device as a gateway
    – Security zones                               –> Security Zones and Interfaces Feature Guide
    – Security policies                           –> SecurityPolicies Feature Guide
  • Class of Service (CoS)
    CoS features                                    –> MX QoS, QFX QoS
    – Loss priority
    – Rewrite rules
    – Shaping and policing
    – Scheduling
    – BA and MF classification
    – Drop profiles
    – Traffic control profiles

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