Junos Space and NETCONF

Junos Space and NETCONF

Next topic – Junos Space Management Platform.

Fortunately I have some basic experience with this software, so I think there will be no difficulties executing two basic operations which are indicated in the lab exam topics – discovering devices and configuration management.

Junos Space version is not specified in the exam blueprint, but I think it does not really matter for such basic tasks.

If you are not familiar with this stuff, try to watch some videos on YouTube, for example this or this, or just read the Network Director User Guide.

It would be really useful if you can download the actual Junos Space and Network Director software, install it in VM and play around a bit with GUI, so definitely do it if you have access.

Also there is NETCONF protocol in exam topics, but without any further explanation, so I think it is expected that you just has to know how to enable it on Juniper box.

Fortunately it’s easy to do:

set system services netconf ssh

Also it should be useful to remember default NETCONF port number – TCP port 830

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