My JNCIE-DC virtual lab

My JNCIE-DC virtual lab

So I think I’m done with theory, and now it’s time to practice some of the most important topics – firstly MC-LAG and EVPN.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to real QFX5100 gear, so I’m using vMX and vQFX virtual appliances. I built my lab in GNS3 using my home PC with 4-core CPU and 32 GB of RAM. I’m using vMX v17 (v16 doesn’t support all required EVPN functionality), vQFX v15; and also vMX v14 in CE and MPLS PE role.

Detailed instructions how to import vMX and vQFX in GNS3 can be found here. Important note – you don’t have to always use recommended RAM sizes for vMX VMs (2GB vMX vCP, 4GB vMX vFP). If you don’t have enough RAM, you can downsize it a little bit – I configured 1GB for vMX vCP and 3GB for vMX vFP. vQFX is pretty lightweight (1GB RAM for vRE and 1GB for vPFE), but it takes a lot of time to boot up its vPFE, so be patient and wait about 15-20 minutes. vMX v14 is also pretty lightweight, so I use it for emulating CE devices.

My lab topology looks like this:

I plan to practice this topics:

  • MC-LAG: basic L2 connectivity and advanced IRB topics using a pair of vQFX and a pair of vMX in DC1;
  • EVPN-VXLAN: basic L2 connectivity, various schemes of RT assignments, IRB routing using IP fabric of vMX and vQFX in DC1;
  • EVPN DCI: EVPN-MPLS to EVPN-VXLAN stitching on vMX.

Not so much time left for preparation – I have my lab scheduled for August, 10. So I have just about two weeks for practice. I’ll share my notes in the following posts. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “My JNCIE-DC virtual lab

  1. Hi Alex.

    I’m using eve to try reproduce a similar escenary but i need a minimun of 2Gb for RE (vQFX). I try to get up with 1Gb or 1,5Gb but the Junos can’t get up propertly. I haven’t problem with FPC (i’m using in this case 1Gb).


  2. Hi David,
    It calls to my attention how many Cores did you assign to each kind of VM to be able to run them on a quad core CPU. Thanks

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