Got my number!

Got my number!

After a week of waiting (why this is taking so long? this wasn’t a particularly pleasant week), I finally got my number.

Brand new JNCIE-DC #31 !!!

The main note about the lab – time management is the most important thing on the exam. Don’t rush to the keyboard, read and understand all the tasks and it’s interdependencies. Have a plan regarding order of tasks – not all tasks can be completed in order in which they written. Don’t be affraid to skip some tasks if it takes a long time.

I am quite pleased with the level of my preparation for the lab – there were no unexpected or incomprehensible tasks. General feeling about JNCIE-DC lab – this is interesting, pretty complex but fair exam. Lot of tasks on various themes, I think all themes from blueprint are covered in the lab in some ways.

As the proctor told me, the main difficulty of this exam is that it’s something new, and people are afraid of a new and unexpected. I want to tell you – don’t be afraid! If you’re interested in learning a Juniper way of building Data Center networks, and also want to earn one more pretty glass plaque – go for it, don’t wait for magic workbook or anything like that to teach you. Just study all the topics from exam blueprint, read my notes, practice a lot and go to the lab. It’s fun journey.

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