Let’s start a new blog!

Let’s start a new blog!

I starting this blog for saving my notes and thoughts about various network-related topics, that I stumbling upon during my journey towards becoming good (hopefully) network engineer. I hope this notes will be useful not only for me, but also for everybody interested in this area.

Sorry in advance for my awkward “russian-english” style of writing. I hope it will become better as time goes by.

I’m network engineer currently living in Moscow, Russia.

I have some experience in various areas of networking world – starting from SDH on beginning of my career, then a little bit of radio/cellular, a couple of years working for DWDM vendor. But finally I decided to go for IP networking career path, studied CCNA->CCNP->CCIE R&S, successfully passed R&S lab and now I’m true Juniper guy for already about 3 years, working for Juniper partner, primary focusing in Service Provider area. In this March I passed my JNCIE-SP lab.

But JNCIE-SP is definitely not a final destination of a journey. There is a lot of interesting stuff out there. Automation, virtualization, security after all…
But first of all, there is primary next target – brand new Juniper Data Center track.
Stay tuned.

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