JNCIE-DC in about a month? Nice challenge!

JNCIE-DC in about a month? Nice challenge!

After careful look at JNCIE-DC exam objectives, I finally decided to go for it.

Planning to take the lab in August.

Why so soon? It’s simple. I just really want 2-digit number 🙂

In truth, the deciding factor is the size of DC lab blueprint – not so many new areas to study for me (given that I’m only recently passed my JNCIE-SP lab and therefore pretty confident in my knowledge of BGP, MPLS and QoS areas). And I already has some theoretical knowledge of DC topics after studying for JNCIP-DC exam (I will write sepparate post about my experience with this exam soon).

So I have just three big topics to study for lab:

  • VCF
  • MC-LAG

The most complex thing about this exam – no dedicated study material is released yet (there is no bootcamp material, no iNETZERO workbook), so first thing that need to be done – collect all useful links to config guides, feature guides, whitepapers, etc for every topic in the lab blueprint.

In the next post I’ll write about the materials I have already read preparing for JNCIP-DC, and also will try to collect all useful links to documentation for further reading.

3 thoughts on “JNCIE-DC in about a month? Nice challenge!

  1. Hey ! Hi Alex, I am just starting prep for my JNCIE-DC, I have JNCIE-Sec but unlike you I don’t have the edge for MPLS VPNS and QoS, But now inet zero book has been released and there is Data Center EVPN/VXLAN guide also available. So hopefully I will recover that. I have scroll down all the way to your first blog to follow the track of your DC journey. DC in two month is way over my reach. But I will try. 🙂

  2. Hi @all,
    i recently passed my JNCIP-DC exam. Now I’m planning phase to prepare for JNCIE-DC. My main concern is about the to build up my own lab with vmx and vqfx.
    I think I would like to simulate 2spines, 3leaves as DC1 and connect over an vmx1 to vmx2 to an another vqfx. So in sum 6x VQFX and 2x VMX.
    But I have no clue how can I simulate this and what kind of HW I need to accomplish this. With what kind of HW / environment can I build up this? Any hints and helps are very welcome.

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